How to Split An AVI File into 2 Parts

From this step-to-step guide, you’ll learn how to split an AVI file into 2 parts with an amazing AVI splitter.  So I have a large AVI file, limited to upload to YouTube. Is there any way out there that will split my AVI file into two parts. Searching online, I got some clues. Now I […]

Exporting ProRes on Windows PC Easily

This article gives you some clues to export ProRes on Windows. “Couple years back I did some research on how to assemble a system that could read and export ProRes using PC hardware and Windows as the OS. The reading bit was easy, as Apple provides QT runtimes for this. As for export, at the […]

Downscale/Reduce Sony AX100 4K to 1080p for Sharing and Storage

A simple tutorial on how to reduce resolution from 4k from Sony AX100 down to 1080p for sharing and storage.  When I got some 4K footage from my camcorder Sony FDR-AX100, I’m seeking for the way to downscale Sony AX100 4K to 1080P (I wanna import the 4K footage to FCP 7). Searching high and low, some […]

How Can I Convert AVI to ISO for Buring to DVD

A simple guide to teach you how to convert AVI to ISO file for burning to  disc. The AVI file format is often used for digital audio or video content. When you have some AVI files, you may attempt to convert AVI to ISO for burning an AVI file onto a blank DVD. “I have […]

Reduce 60fps Video to Lower Frame Rate 30fps, 29.97fps, 23.976fps

How to change, reduce video frame rate on Windows or Mac easily? Just get the best frame rate converter to achieve the goal. I’m trying to reduce some captures that come in at 60fps. I did one to 23.976 using tmpgenc video mastering works and the result is choppy/jerky video. I’m not even sure what setting I […]

Downscale GoPro Hero6 4K to 1080P Easily

Your GoPro Hero6 4K videos are not supported well by your video editing programs or media players? Here is a simple guide on how to downscale GoPro Hero6 4K to 1080p for easier playback and editing. Most guys including you would choose shot 4K videos with the new GoPro Hero6 Black. But when you got some 4K […]

How to Brighten A Dark Video Simply

“A while ago I was researching a camcorder to buy.. long story short I hate the camcorder. Even though it’s $350 I unloaded it for $50 because I was so mad with it’s poor quality in dark situations. Is there anything I can do to brighten the video up a little? Any sort of easy […]

Video Conversion Takes So Long? Speed Up Video Conversion

Converting from one format to another (my experience is primarily converting to FLV format with Adobe Media Encoder) takes a relatively gargantuan amount of time. What’s going on under the hood? What makes it so processor and/or memory intensive? As for tweaks, is there anything I can do/set on a PC to optimize the process? […]

Options to Trim MKV Files on Windows or Mac

In this tutorial we will look at how to trim, cut a MKV file. There are several options for you. Go through the article and choose a mkv trimmer you like. Q1: Help trim MKV files I have a 1080p video in .mkv format and I want to trim a certain scene to make a smaller […]

How to Create and Add Subtitles to MP4 Videos

This article gives you full guide on how to add subtitles to MP4 video. If you don’t know how to create subtitles ( *.srt, *.ass, *.ssa) , just get tips from this article. I wanna watch some wonderful MP4 movies(in foreign language), but find there is no subtitles. It is quite annoying for I can’t […]