Tips for Streaming 4K Video to Vizio TV via Kodi

Learn a quick guide how to play 4K movie files on Vizio TV via Kodi.  “Have some 4K videos downloaded online. Now I wanna play these 4K on my Vizio TV. I’m planing to install Kodi, but don’t know how to. Any help for me?” Wanna play 4K on Vizio TV via Kodi? Just check […]

Transfer and Play GoPro Hero 5 4K Video on LG TV

Get some tricks for playing GoPro Hero5 4K video on LG TV.  You may have the confusion: Does HERO5 Black play back 4K content to LG TV? Now, read this article to get tips and tricks. If you are using a USB card reader or USB drive, you may be able to play back GoPro […]

Any Way to Play DJI Mavic 4K on Blu-ray Player

A post hows you how to play Mavic 4K footage on Blu-ray Player smoohtly.  Shot some 4K videos using my DJI Mavic Pro. For my Mavic 4K videos that I plan to play on my home projector system. I ultimately want to review my movies through my Optoma projector that is hooked up to my Samsung […]