How to Enable VLC to Play MP4 Video without Hassle

“VLC stop playing Mp4 files just the other day now its not the file because I’m using another mp4 player and it works great but again VLC won’t play it and i tried to fix in Preferences but to no avail can somebody help me on this.” “I open the MP4 file in VLC and […]

Workaround to QuickTime Player Not Play AVI on Mac

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Tips for Streaming 4K Video to Vizio TV via Kodi

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Any Way to Play DJI Mavic 4K on Blu-ray Player

A post hows you how to play Mavic 4K footage on Blu-ray Player smoohtly.  Shot some 4K videos using my DJI Mavic Pro. For my Mavic 4K videos that I plan to play on my home projector system. I ultimately want to review my movies through my Optoma projector that is hooked up to my Samsung […]

How to Get VOB Files to Play on Panasonic TV

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Tricks for Playing AVI Files on WD TV

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Solution to Plex Not Reading AVI Files

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How to Stream Humax FoxSat PVR to PS3

The award winning Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ HD 320GB twin tuner hard drive receiver from Humax, for use on the Freesat satellite television platform.This sleek black unit with smoked perspex front panel hides the very latest in PVR technology, allowing you to record up to 160 hours of standard-definition programming, or 80 hours in high-definition on […]