Do Blu-ray Players Support Playing WMV Files

“Hi I would like to know if WMV files are a standard in blu-ray players?” Wanna know if it is possible to play WMV on Blu-ray player natively or need do some preparation work. Read this article, you may find the answer. To watch WMV movies on Blu-ray player, first, update the firmware of the player to the latest version […]

How to Batch Remux MKV Files to MP4 Container

“I use mkvtoolnix but i have to do them individually. i don’t want to re-encode etc just remux from MKV or whatever to MP4. takes seconds but when there are 100s of files it’s a chore. Any way can add to job queue, clear and repeat?” To remux mkv to mp4, there are some freeware […]