How You Can Add Subtitles to WMV Video

Learn  a step-by-step guide on adding subtitles to WMV file.

Recently, I downloaded a .wmv video off the Internet that was in Russian and I needed to add English subtitles to the WMV video so that I could share it with some friends. So, any way help me to add subtitles to WMV video.

I checked out Windows Movie Maker, which has the ability to overlay text on video, but the feature set was very poor and it was nearly impossible to control where the subtitles showed up, for how long, and in what kind of format. So, I need a better solution. After searching high and low, an efficient way turns out and works for me.

First, download the  best subtitle to video software- Brorsoft Video Converter.

Overall, it is a powerful all-in-all video tool, which can both convert videos in all popular formats and customize subtitles for your movies. With it, you can add and load external subtitles(*.srt and *.ass, *.ssa) to WMV effortlessly. It can not only attach subtitles to WMV, but also supports many other video formats, like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, etc. What’s more, it also helps you to set the subtitle size, subtitle style, etc according to your preference.

If you are running on Mac OS X to add external subtitles to WMV, MOV, MKV, MP4, AVI, etc, please turn to Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac. Download the program now and below is the guide about how to attach subtitles to WMV movie videos.

1. Import the WMV video

After you install and open the converter, you can directly drag the target videos to the program or click “File” to add the WMV videos.

Note: Before loading source video, you need copy .srt (or other subtitle file) to WMV video folder, rename .srt file according to the video name. And if you add more than one .srt files to the WMV folder, you can rename the .srt file name like this: if source WMV file name is “michael.wmv”, the .srt file names can be “michael001”, “michael002”, etc.

2. Add subtitle to WMV video

Click the Edit button to open the subtitle loading and editing window. Tap “Subtitle” option and check the “Enable” icon. Then, by clicking on “Browse” to import your *.srt, *.ass, *.ssa subtitle file you’ve downloaded. After the subtitle is loaded, you can preview it.

Tip: You can change the subtitle size, style, font if necessary. When everything is done, simply click “OK” button. Plus, you can also add watermark, apply effects, and crop, trim your WMV files in the above video editing window.

3. Set output video format

To add subs to WMV (to keep the output video as WMV with subtitle), click the “Format” drop-down button to select WMV format from the Common Video profile. If you want to convert the WMV video files to MP4, AVI or other formats for playing with VLC or anywhere you want, you can select another format from the Format list.

4. Finish WMV subtitles merging

Click “Convert” button to start and finish the process of adding subtitles to WMV. Now, all are done and the subtitles have been added to WMV clips as you desire.

Additional Tips:

If you didn’t have proper subtitles at hand, you can find the subtitles online at Opensubtitles or Subscene (you have other options) by searching for the movie’s name and the language you’d like.

As far as we know, SRT files are perhaps the most basic of all subtitle formats and used in video playback. SRT files can be opened by most media players and other programs, like MPlayer, VideoLAN VLC media player, Any text editor, etc. for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

When you find suitable subtitles, make sure your WMV video and subtitles names are the same.

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