Top 3 Free MOD to MP4 Converter Review 2018

Here is a list of 3 best MOD to MP4 converter for you. 

Wanna convert the mod files generated by your camcorder to MP4 format, but how to? A MOD converting tool is the key. In this article, we round up 3 best MOD to MP4 converter for you which enables you to free convert MOD to MP4 format within least quality loss.

HandBrake (Windows, Mac)

HandBrake is a file conversion tool that is used for the conversion of video files to almost any format, MOD inclusive. It has an interface that is easy to use and master, so end users do not have any problems at all. This is a software that was developed to run on all three major operation systems in the market, making it a preferred alternative to paid video converters. Its setup and installation files are made as small as possible, occupying little space in your system.



FFmpeg is a free, open source project that produces libraries and programs for handling multimedia data. The interface is intuitive to use making it easy to operate from the first time you start it up. The program is free of malware which sometimes piggybacks in with free downloads. With FFmpeg, you can convert MOD files to the format you want.


MPEG Streamclip (Windows, Mac)

This is a powerful video converter that has a wide range of file compatibilities. It was developed to run on both Windows and Mac systems. Besides MOD, other file formats includes MPEG, VOB, PS, M2P, MOD, VRO, DAT, MOV, DV, AVI, MP4 and TS. This application has other functionalities like editing a file clip, copy paste and trim. It can be used to play movie files format like MPEG and a host of other file formats. It converts, MPEG files between muxed and demuxed formats for the purpose of authoring. It can be used to encode different movie formats.


Editor’s Note: Now top 3 free MOD converters are listed for you. While, for those free MOD converter, it is not as powerful as you expect. The video that you can convert on a paid converter for only 4 minutes will take 50 minutes or more on a free converter. Furthermore, do not expect the same level of quality and expect some crashes especially for large files. In this case, you can have a review of the best MOD converter app- Brorsoft Video Converter (or Mac).


It is 30x more powerful compared to the other MOD converter. It supports all popular vieod editors and devices even Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV and others. It also offers a lot of additional functions such as editing, merging, parameters tweaking and more.

In a word, if you are seeking for the best video output quality, fastest video conversion speed, and the largest formats support, Brorsoft Video Converter will be your best choice.

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  1. Handbrake is free but the quality is not so good. I tried Brorsoft video converter. It works faster and brings me video in higher quality.

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